Are you ready to Restore Your Relationship?

Are you here because you are ready to stop following someone else’s love story and get the relationship YOU want?

This is just the webinar you need. 

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I like people just like you. People who are in real relationships, with real life happening. Who aren’t afraid to show it all (the good and the bad). Who don’t live in a fairytale or a delusion that relationships are just meant to be “perfect”.
If you are looking to have a relationship that just looks good on the outside, this is not the webinar for you.

But if you are interested in having an all-in relationship, you need to watch this. I am driven by the people who are building the great loves, and are going to stick around and put in 100%, even when it gets tough.
This is for those of you that are ready to take responsibility.
In taking that responsibility, that is where great relationships come from. That is how lifelong love happens.
The truth is, most of us have some real crap habits that need corrected.  

We say we want things to get better, maybe even worked with a therapist or coach in the past, but then we go right back to the same old routine the moment we get the opportunity.
We go back and forth with our partner’s, “well if you want me to change, then you have to change x, y, and z.”
This leads to nothing and just continues the nonsense.
We have to fix our stuff EVEN IF THE OTHER PERSON ISN’T READY to fix their stuff.
So often, once one person does the FOLLOW THROUGH,  the other person takes notice and gets on board.
That’s when the finger pointing ends. Responsibility is taken. Problems get solved.

But someone has to go first. You have to choose your relationship over your pride. You have to choose to do better, without resentment toward the other person for not being at the same point yet.
Couples get sucked into believing they should only put in the same amount of effort that their partner is at that very moment.

But because we are individuals, that is not how relationships work.

Your partner is not your puppet. They are not going to respond only how you want them to respond. We have to stop using that as an excuse to regress in our own behaviors.
I am guilty of this too. I have done it. I get it.
But this is NOT the way to a healthy, lasting relationship.
The key here is improving YOU.

Taking responsibility and taking some specific action.
Through life experience, observation, and education, I have narrowed it down to four keys that all relationships need. These four things have the power to change the trajectory of any relationship.
But the way I approach these is different than many people.
I don’t paint pretty pictures and sugar coat things. We get REAL and HONSEST. We may get uncomfortable at times.
That is what is needed to create change though. It happens when you recognize and embrace your truths. When you learn to work with them, not try to hide them.
So if you want a relationship that is authentic, and is based on openness and respect, you can have that.
We just need to get you there, and then give you what you need to stay there. Even when it gets tough.
If you are one of the all-in people I am speaking to, and you are ready to have one of the great loves, I am so happy you found my webinar.
Think of it this way, at the very least, you will get a new way to look at your relationship that could be exactly what you need.

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