Are you ready to have the relationship you deserve? 

Welcome! I’m Samantha and am so happy you found Secondhand Compass! My aim is to help YOU have the types of relationships you want in your life.

Your goal may be to improve intimacy within your relationship, to connect more with your partner, or to have a better relationship with yourself (yes, having a relationship with yourself is absolutely a real thing) so that you can be a better partner. I have just what you need for all of those things!

Throughout my life, I have always wanted to help people feel empowered to have the lives they want to live. I feel like one of the biggest factors in living a fulfilling life is the relationships we have with not just others, but ourselves. 

I started Secondhand Compass because I felt like my passion, and the education I acquired, to help people was not being utilized. I decided that needed to change!

For a long time, I struggled with all types of relationships. Including my relationship with myself. I made a whole slew of mistakes trying to overcome things out of my control. I spent a long time settling in relationships that were a wreck because I didn’t think I deserved love. Or I wanted to “save” someone. Or I wanted them to save me. You know, the stuff we are spoon fed by movies and media.

And let me just tell you, that’s all bull. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves to have a relationship that isn’t filled with doubt, fighting, and feelings of loneliness. But no one is going to save you, and you aren’t going to save them. You shouldn’t want to! That’s not healthy, and it’s not realistic. 

It has only been in the last couple of years that I decided I had to make some hard changes, and fast. I work on myself, and my relationships, constantly.

I had to figure out what are the “secrets” to being loved, and giving love, that will last a lifetime. (There are also a lot of things I will continue to learn and grow from.) Now I want to share all of these things I have discovered with you! Unfiltered. Unbiased. And full of the hard truths.

I always knew I wanted to help people be happy. I knew that relationships are the key to that. So I obtained a Master’s Degree with a concentration in Child and Family studies. I have worked with children and families trying to overcome different types of trauma and dysfunction. Those experiences shed so much light on what happens when we don’t have love, and we don’t understand how to have relationships that fulfill us.

Now I want to use my education and my work/life experience to assist others in meeting their personal relationship goals. My passion is helping people overcome past or current obstacles affecting their current life and relationships.

I want people to know that not just the “perfect” people can have the great loves. 

So if you are ready to have that “ride or die” type of love that ignites a fire in your soul, then you found the right place.  

Go ahead and have a look around at the blog (I try to keep it, and the videos, PG so you can read with kids around), or reach out to me if you want! I love to chat! 

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