How To Set Non-Negotiable Terms in a Relationship

Too often people think that when they get in a relationship, they just have to accept they will have to give up things. To a point, maybe you do. Compromise is key, of course. But there also needs to be things that you will not change. Things that are ultimately what leads to us getting our needs met and being happy long-term.

When we forsake those things, that is what leads to disappointment and resentment. This is why every person needs what I call “non-negotiable terms”.

Our non-negotiable terms are the things that we truly do not believe we can compromise on, and still be fulfilled in our relationship. These might be things like having children, keeping a certain amount of independence from your partner, or things like control of your own finances. It is up to YOU to determine them for yourself. 

So what do you do if you do not know what your non-negotiable terms are? Or what if your partner’s terms conflict with yours, but you are dedicated to making the relationship work?

Those are tough questions! Have no fear though, I am here to help guide you! 😉

If you feel like you have not established your non-negotiable’s, and it is high time you did, you are in the right place

We have to be in touch with ourselves to know what we need, what we don’t, and how much we value these things. After all, if we don’t know, how could anyone else?

Go ahead and have a watch now!

So, have you established your terms? Have you communicated them with your partner? If not, I hope this video has inspired you to do so. If you have, don’t be scared to revisit them if you feel like they have been forgotten or neglected. 

Communication is crucial. Your partner is likely not a mind reader. 

Thanks for watching!

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