Take Back Your Independence

What is the fastest way for a relationship to go stale? Having no INDEPENDENCE!

When you are constantly together (or texting non-stop filling in every detail of your day), you leave no room to wonder about the other person. To miss them a little. 

Really think about it, when was the last time you had enough space from your partner to truly miss them? I don’t mean in the “I just love them so much I miss them every second we are apart” sense.* But really missed them.

* if you have been with your partner more than two months, please don’t be this person, mmmk? Thanks!

I know in my relationship the answer to the above question is “not in a very long time”. We live together., and we share a child. We are communicating about things that need done or what our plans are every few hours at minimum. It doesn’t leave much to chat about later. And to be honest, I often miss that part. Where we can have a conversation I don’t already know most of the answer to. 

If you are in the same boat, go ahead and watch the below video. I talk about why independence in a relationship is good, the areas you may need to focus on having independence in, and a plan to get it without feeling guilty or worry about hurting your relationship. 

Being independent as a woman in a relationship shows strength. It is time for women to not feel bad for meeting their own needs with as much laser focus and determination as we do for the people we love. It is time to be self-aware and realize we need to continue to grow as a person separate from the people we love most AND that there is nothing wrong with that. 

Go ahead and CELEBRATE your independence! I just bet your partner will celebrate it right along with you.



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