25 Things To Stop Putting Off For Tomorrow

Below I have compiled a list of 25 things (in no particular order) you should stop putting off for tomorrow and do TODAY. Okay, so you probably cannot do all 25 of these in one day, but choose a few. Or on a weekend maybe.

25 Things To Do Today - Simple tips for self care that you can incorporate into your daily routine! #secondhandcompass #selfcare

1. Eat the cake.

Life is too short to not indulge sometimes. You need to be healthy. But you also need to be happy. Cut yourself some slack once in a while and order dessert. Have that second glass of wine. It will be fine.

2. Write a will.

This is not the most fun thing on this list, but it shouldn’t be avoided. You need to make sure your affairs are in order. Especially if you have dependents. A will is a task that goes unnoticed until it is too late. Just go ahead and get it out of the way.

3. Clean out your fridge.

Sorry. I had to throw it in. Moldy food is gross and this needs done. That expired stuff could be contaminating your delicious stuff. Or someone may come along and eat those leftovers from two weeks ago. Yuck.

4. Spend some time outside.

I know sometimes the conditions are not perfect to go outside. However, for many people spending time outside is a must. You need sunlight. And fresh air. It’s relaxing to interact with nature.

5. Have family time.

Take some time today to really focus on your family. Have a meal. Play a game. Take a road trip. Whatever sounds good as long as you are with your family and spending time engaging with one another.

6. Do something for charity.

Helping others is good for your soul. Honestly. Volunteer some time at a charity that’s meaningful to you. Go help walk dogs at the local animal shelter. Visit patients at a nursing home who may not get visitors. An hour of your time may mean more than you know.

7. Take a long bath or shower.

Sometimes hot water can work miracles. Our bodies get run down from the constant day-to-day grind. Relaxing in some hot water can make you feel like a new person. Plus it’s nice to smell good.

8. Set a goal for the next month.

You know that thing you have been meaning to do, but never do. Well it is time to change that. Set a goal to accomplish in the next month. We are more productive when we have a plan. Set the goal, make the plan to achieve it, and prepare to be amazed at how you will actually get things done.

9. Buy new undergarments/clean out old ones.

Everyone has underwear that should have been tossed a long time ago. Purge your underwear drawer and go get yourself some new stuff. These things wear out much more quickly than other clothes. It’s fine to have a t-shirt from five years ago, but probably not a bra from five years ago. It likely no longer does what it is supposed to.

10. Plan a special night out and follow through.

You need a night out of the house. Something to bring some excitement to the routine. Plan a night out at a concert or nice restaurant. Do not make a plan and then back out. Actually make yourself follow through with your big night out. You won’t regret it.

11. Purge some clutter that’s been bugging you.

Do you have some things you have been saving for sometime in the future when you may need it? All that stuff is really doing is creating unnecessary clutter. So go to your garage or basement or wherever it is and take it to the garbage right now. When your environment is cluttered it creates anxiety.

12. Take a candid family picture.

This exact time will never be here again. Remember it. Every once in a while take a candid photo of your family to remember what things were really like. As your family grows it is more fun to reflect on the candid photos of the loving, honest moments than the professional photos anyway.

13. Call an old friend you haven’t spoke to for a few minutes (or text if that’s more your style).

We all go too long without talking to some of the people we love. Relationships with others are more important than vacuuming. Call an old friend and catch up. Stay in contact with people because that’s what truly matters.

catch up with a friend

14. Check your car for basic maintenance equipment, insurance, manual, etc (if applicable).

If you have a car then you should be a responsible car owner. This means you should have the basic necessities in your car you may need at some point. If you have a flat you should know how to change it, or at the very least where the spare and jack are. You should have your manual to troubleshoot other issues. And always have your insurance and registration just in case. I also highly recommend you keep a map (and know how to read it) in your car.You don’t want to end up stranded in an unfamiliar place without any of these things.

15. Look at your finances and figure out what fat can be cut, and set a better budget to fit your needs.

Chances are you are spending excess funds you shouldn’t be somewhere. Maybe your wireless data plan can be cut. Maybe you can start making more meals at home. Look at your budget and figure out where you want your funds to go and where they are actually going. If they do not line up, go through and figure out how to make it happen.

16. Plan something healthy to incorporate in your life.

Everyone could be a little healthier. Take a moment to figure out something you can incorporate in your daily routine. It may be something small but still effective – drink more water, walk, etc. Even the small things can make a difference. You have to start somewhere.

17. Go to bed at a decent time and get a full nights sleep.

People underestimate the benefits of getting a good nights rest. Sleep is restorative for our minds and bodies. We are not functioning at our best if we are not getting enough sleep. Turn off the electronics in advance and start letting yourself unwind. Allow enough time to get in eight hours.

18. Spend some time reading.

Every day people read out of necessity. Not enough people take the extra time to read for pleasure or to become more informed. Reading for entertainment provides an escape when you are feeling overwhelmed. Reading to learn creates character and confidence. All of which are reasons you should make more time to read.

19. Do a small home improvement project.

Your home is your personal space where you do not have to answer to anyone. The place you can be free. You should make your home reflect you. Make your home as wonderful as you are. Pick a small project to do around your house that you have never got a chance to do or hadn’t thought about before. Whether that be hanging a picture, re-arranging your cabinets, painting a room, or whatever else you desire.

20. Try a new food.

We get stuck in our routine and what we eat is no exception. Put yourself out there and try something new. Either go to a specialty restaurant or make it yourself if you have culinary skills. Keep trying new things regularly. You may be surprised what you find out you like.

21. Spend an hour enjoying a hobby.

Take just a small break to enjoy a hobby. You picked the hobby because it brought you happiness. Don’t forget that. We both know you can’t take an hour every day, but at least take an hour per week. If you don’t have a hobby, then you better pick one! Everyone should have one.

22. Get up to date on basic current events.

One should always strive to be informed. It is important to keep up to date with what is happening to be a contributing member of society. Take a minute to find out what is going on locally and globally. Maybe even choose to get involved somehow.

23. Pamper yourself.

Everyone needs to pamper themselves. It really is a vital part of a good self-care routine. Get your hair or nails done. Get a massage. Buy some new shoes. If you are short on cash you can get some friends together and make your own face masks. There is always a way to get a little more pampering in.

24. Make someone else smile.

It may sound cheesy, but making someone else happy makes you happier. When you make someone feel good then they generally are more pleasant toward you. It is a win-win. Even if you get nothing in return you still will get those positive vibes from knowing you are trying to make the world a happier, nicer place.

25. Take time to re-connect with your significant other.

With all the things happening in our lives we often let our relationships with our significant others suffer. Those relationships are some of the most important things we have in our lives. We should keep this in mind and be sure to take the time to foster our relationships. If you are not in a relationship, take the time to evaluate if you want to be, and if so, start taking steps to put yourself out there.


STOP engaging with or thinking about work when you aren’t at work.

Okay, so this is not something you should DO today, but something you should not do. Do not take work home with you. Don’t even think about anything work related once you are free. Spend your time outside of work doing the 25 things listed. Putting them off will result on bigger concerns down the road.

Which of the above things could you work on incorporating in your life? Start with just one every few days for a more quality, in-the-moment life.

25 Things To Do Today - Simple tips for self care that you can incorporate into your daily routine! #secondhandcompass #selfcare

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